The Afflicted

Episode 10 and 11

Towards Underheim

In the aftermath of the battle in the Terragar Warfort they party found several objects

Ring of Might (+2 STR)

Bracers of Archery

Dagger of Venom

Potion of Mana (Recover spell slots)

The party also found a map detailing the location of Underheim the main Terragar fortress. Roland postulated that was the place where She-lar was most likely being held (assuming she had been captured). The Fort was heavily damaged in the battle and party decided to make haste and exit.

Following the trail they ended up in a chaotic landscape  emerged into a larger cavern that was naturally lit up by the presence of lava rivers flowing in all directions. Interspersed in between massive rock formations and fallen stalactites. While traveling around a narrow trail along one of these formations Bltsu and Gil lost there grip, the rocks apparently porous and brittle in some places gave way and precipitated the dwarf and the large warrior to fall. The party spent some time traveling through the trail until it leveled out into a larger area. Bltsu and Gil returned after throwing a grappling hook over the side of the gap and climbing back to join the others (Bltsu actually carried him on his back)

With all the noise being made, this attracted the attention of a pair of Umber-hulks which the team managed to slay without to many problems. Malus tooks parts of the armored carapace for himself and Gilius swore to fashion it into a suit of natural armor when they get back to the surface. They stopped for a rest.

Continuing on and getting through the roughest parts of the terrain (and avoiding a patrol), the team emerged and spotted a giant ziggurat shaped fortress in the distance. it was of a design unlike anything they had seen. designed to channel the flow of lava which was emerging from the cavern ceiling and directed it to flow over the structure. This caused it to apparently direct the lava flows in a safe way and also made the Fortress hard to assault from a large enemy force.

The team headed across a stone bridge that crossed one of the "lava moats" and guarding the ramp to a higher portion of the fortress was a company of at least 50 goblins having a celebration around a large bonfire. Deciding to go for a frontal assault the Tormites and Co attacked with good teamwork and managed to drive them off while suffering minimal damage.

Heading up the large stone ramp they spied and entrance being guarded by several armored Orogs standing in a formation and flanking by a pair of Giant Ettins.

After dispatching these guards they gained entrance to a large hall with many stone pillars holding up the roof to what was perhaps once an ancient shrine.

Emerging from the darkness an extremely large armored form greeted the intruders. It had flame colored hair and wielded a sword much larger than a human, in common it said "If you want something done right down here, you must do it yourself" it then let out an deafening warcry and charged…





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