The Afflicted

Episode 13

Hello Jack

After the climactic battle with the Drow the temple started to collapse around our adventurers due to the damage caused from magics unleashed on both sides.

Malus and Ivanna made there way into the fortress of Underheim and found a new companion, Jack who was a captive sitting in the Terragar gaol.

Jack who had grown up in Neo-krag and had been personally affected by the attacks in the city, and had signed up with She-lar of Torm when she arrived in the city and set herself to the task of doing something about it.

After being ambushed by a massive force of Terragar he had been separated from Shey-lar and the rest of his party he was brought to the fortress and thrown into a cell to await whatever fate was going to do with him.

Jack is a Mystic Theurge (Cleric, Wizard multiclass) with an apparent case of schizophrenia, the Trauma from watching his family die at the hands of monsters from beneath the city has caused him to have multiple personalities the Jack we know is sometimes taken over by a mysterious and powerful Wizard with great and terrible power.

Malus and Ivanna now joined by Jack made there way thru the first level of the dungeon and had a tough encounter with some Monks, before exiting the level and hoping to re-group with the rest of the party.



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