The Afflicted

Episode 15



The Arcane portal opened a small figure emerged, she was wounded but determined…

She activated the command runes to awaken the metal beasts fire began to glow inside long dormant stone hearts.

"Guardians we are under attack, we underestimated the intruders. Your first order of operations will be …."

-Protect the King.

-Secure the Throne Room.

-Eliminate the enemy.

An ember glow inside the constructs metallic helm observed the small Terragar Princess and the first guardian stood up too answer the call.


There was work to be done…



After the battle the party took a short rest, came up with a plan of action and looted the room.

Items found:-

+2 Warhammer (found on the king)

Spell scroll of scrying (level 5)

Staff of lightning bolts

Potion of gaseous form

An Arcane book of some kind that Jack started to study fervently

1000 gold

250 platinum.


With the situation being desperate and most of the fortress now being alerted to the presence of the team. The Tomites and Allies made there way out a northern exit of the room found in the back of what appeared to be some sort of study.

The came to a stairwell that could be traveled upwards or downwards. They traveled downwards led by Malus and Ivanna. Malus attempting to sneak, fell and made a terrible racket rolling down the stairs. This alerted the guards out the front of the lower door. The team appeared to be heading out the front of some sort of guard tower into a large courtyard towards the northern part of the fortress.

The courtyard contained several smaller room sized constructions and was divided in the middle by a moat of some kind of liquid, there were a couple of hanged Drow that met there fate towards the middle and a pair of Ettins guarding another tower on the opposite end of the courtyard (about 100 ft away)

Combat was joined! Terragar charged and Ettins approached at a run, the team also came under fire from ballista set up on the opposite tower. The team took cover after dispatching most of the guards while Malus neutralised the siege weapons with some druid magic. Ivanna headed towards one of the buildings to the right and heard the sounds of music coming from what appeared to be a cell of some kind.

Several terragar monks emergerd from the building to the left and charged the crew.

Malus used a polymorph spell to change into a T-rex!

Ivanna broke a hole large enough in the door and hence emerged Maisey Whitfoot!

Maisey had traveled into Neo-krag and had signed up with a group of soldiers (actually she talked her way into it) who were going into the Underdark below the city with express order's to find the Adventurers from Torm's reach and there allies.

Since the party had been underground there had been some developments Empress Elixabeth Valdor had ordered military units into Neo-krag under the guise of a peacekeeping mission.

Neo-krag has been annexed in all but name.

So Maisey seeing a chance for adventure and fun went along with the platoon and headed into the underdark (besides she likes to help!). A battle occurred with the Terragar (the mostley human troops were badly prepared for a mission into the dark underworld) and maisey ecaped for the moment and was recaptured after and brought to the fortress of Underheim and was awaiting processing (or maybe she just snuck in to look for a party and afternoon tea!).

Maisey jumped through the halfling sized hole and was swiftly carried away by Ivanna, as a parting shot Maisey used cutting words on one of the rapidly approaching ettins and pointed out the relative small size of his loincloth, despite being an inhuman monster with 2 heads the beast almost cried at this.

The party defeated the guards and ettins, guards and monk  due to good team tactics and a rampaging 16 ton dinosaur.

At this point a thunderous crash sounded out as a large iron guardian built in the visage of a giant dwarf emerged to challenge out compatriots…





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