The Afflicted

Episode 17


Our super friends  managed somehow to defeat the Iron Golems and Cimbel they made there way out side the front of the fortress. Through a large iron gate and over one of the many drawbridges and surrounded by lava moats.

The came under heavy fire from ballista as they made there escape. Cornelius was nowhere to be seen (he split off from the group to buy them time apparently)

Malus shifted into a warg and made good time. The team put a good 500 feet between themselves and the Terragar fortress.

They came to a large stone bridge that crossed a lava river, an ancient and monolithic structure. They made there way across and regrouped for a moment.

Malus (the first over) turned back to witness hordes of Terragar spewing out of the many entrances of the fortress. Like an extremely angry ant hill that had been poked with an imaginary giant stick.

He took a moment to steady himself and focus, lighting sprang from his hands and he directed it into the large stalactites hanging over the bridge.

Rings of electric energy danced around the surface of them and then one of them lurched for a second and then fell… With A titanic crash that echoed throughout the entirety of the cavern (and could be heard leagues away) it smashed into the stone bridge. The bridge actually lurched and visibly dipped slightly. Malus then repeated this on a second stalactite, the massive amount of debris completely block travel across the bridge.

The team made there way to a concealed position in the chaotic landscape and settled in for a hard earned rest. 

Afterwards they collapse camp and made their way into another tunnel

They encountered some traveling fire afflicted in an intersection in the tunnel the fire giants were traveling back to there own territory with a wagon full of loot and other accoutrements of war. 

The hero's kept themselves hidden and (to the DM's amusement) avoided the encounter.

The team travelled on for many hours and emerged finally at a beach! The cavern opened up into a large lake that surrounded an island, Enter Ultima Voril the ancient and seeingly destroyed home of the illithids.

There were many destroyed boats upon and near the shoreline the team managed to find one that was serviceable a while Maisey recalled a legend of the area a tale from the Under dark.

Decades ago. An entity emerged from another plane in to the under dark below Theracia. This entity called Blahino sought to capture, destroy or dominate everything it beheld. Attack from Drow and fire giants were swiftly cast asside . sensing the mind flayers it then sought to eliminate these powerful beings. It distracted the body of the colony with a horde of raised undead and was then able to infiltrate and destroy the elderbrain. The rest of the illithid were shocked and confused and were then easy pickings for Blahino. Scattered and all but destroyed the remaining member's scattered.

In desperation an alliance of drow and terragar s made an attack on the stronghold of this being but this was a complete disaster.

As Maisey was singing this epic poem to the group a large tentacle emerged from the lake and snatched the little bard away!



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