The Afflicted

Episode 18

Ultima Voril

The party defeated several Ropers that were emerging from the Underground lake.

After regathering on the beach, Malus sensing that the waters surrounding the island were infested with these rock monsters decided to carry the party across as a Quetzacoatlus.


Assuming this huge form, the party clambered aboard and prepared to explore the ruins of the Illithid City.


Flying at a wary distance Malus and crew circled the city and found it to be apparently dead and empty, heading in to the pyramid Larry jumped off and did a search of the top "entrance" the opening in the top of the pyramid.

Having a quick look into the opening Larry spotted a chamber approximately 80ft by 80ft and a Huge sleeping meatball.

Larry Climbed back aboard Malus and the Druid still wary decided to fly the party to a more quite part of the city, back towards the beach.


The party (minus Malus and Gil) set out towards the Pyramid and were beset upon by sickening half alive creatures emerging from the darkened alleys and even the earth itself. Heavy combat broke out as this unusual ambush was sprung.

More and more arrived and so did a strange alien interloper.

Putting aside his hesitation Malus flew, with his huge wings he swam through the air once more.

With Gilius stubbornly holding on they approached to confront this new threat but so did aid from an unexpected quarter…



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