The Afflicted

Episode 19


As Malus and Gil upon his back flew at the Ulitharid. It unleashed a torrent of Psychic energy at them and stunned them both. Jack flew into the Air to avoid the Mind Blasts and the rest of the party were still dealing an assault from the undead.



Jack unleashed a Lightning bolt at the Mind Flayer and it reacted with Hellish Rebuke as the hellfire hit jack it caused him to loose his concentration and he came plummeting back to the earth and knocked unconscious.

Shey-lar, Astrea, Larry and Maisey were attacked by Bullettes that emerged from the earth.

Astrea was bitten and heavily wounded as one of the beast's emerged and its massive jaws closed around her.


Meanwhile Brindlebuckle Von Unikstein started to decend from the ceiling of the cavern on his Mechanical pet spider Rakachit. The Gunsmith began firing his weapons and a thunderous cacophony echoed throughout the cavern. Brindlebuckle began targeting both Bullette and Ulitharid and he descended into the fray.

Malus and Gil still stunned were immobile

Ivanna bravely strode forward to meet the Ulitharid in combat…




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