The Afflicted

Episode 2

Big Trouble in Neo-krag

After a day and a nights travel the Tormites reached the outskirt suberbs of Neo-Krag, Cornelius (The Rogue) split off from the rest of the party with the intent to contact the local thieves guild (The dock-owners)  he was able to cover ground thru the urban sprawl quickly, while the others (Roland Ivanna and Malise) Intended to head to the Happy Sparrow Tavern to meet with She-lar their contact given to them by Mentorg.

The atmosphere in the in the city was very bleak with many locals simply avoiding them. They chanced upun a number of locals being led against there will into an abandoned old temple of Kossuth. 

With some fast talking by Roland they managed to gain entrance to the building and they discovered a gruesome scene, the members of this sect were performing some sort of dark ritual on a young girl, intending to sacrifice her.

Springing into action they saved the girl and after a short battle and cleared the building of the cultist.

The episode ended with them discovering a wall painted in blood with the words…





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