The Afflicted

Episode 4

Into the Ether-steel Mines

The Tormites and newly found Neo-krag companions were able to overcome the emerging monsters and Duke Erasmus arrived to give them a reward.

After a rest they came collectively decided to search the mines (and possibly the Underdark) for signs of She-lar and to further investigate the problems coming from there.

Gilius swore an oath as they had helped him find his cousin and he decided to drag him along as he wanted to keep an eye on him. They were also joined by a mysterious fighting woman called Astrea who offered her services as she had been exploring the mines and caves beneath Neo-krag. 

They made there way below on a mine eleveator into the deepest level of the mine emerged into pitch darkness and after traveling along for some time were ambushed by a goblin horde an Ettin and a Bugbear cheif who was directing the greenskins.



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