The Afflicted

Episode 6


Sensing subterfuge the Tormites and company spread out and got ready to counter attack whatever force had sprung there trap upon them. Cornelius faded into the shadows!

Small grey-skinned humanoids emerged from there invisibility and attacked with crossbows and javelin, the Terragar (grey dwarves) had arrived

After a short but brutal skirmish they were overcome, despite there small numbers they managed to hold there own against the Tormites. Roland postulated that they were a type of ambush patrol set out to capture or kill intruders upon the Terragar realm (and i.e were a part of a larger force).

After a quick party meeting and Malise finding some tracks it was decided that they ought to search for and find the operating base of these Terragar with the possibility further gather intelligence on the whereabouts of She-lar and the under realm in general.



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