The Afflicted

Episode 7

Against the Warfort

The Tormites and Co headed towards the Terragar F.O.B with the plan to gain entrance and find some possible intelligence on the whereabouts of She-lar and disposition of the underground threat facing Neo-krag and the Overworld in general.

It should be noted that they were pursed by a goblin warparty and Bartimus was noticed to be acting strange. The warparty attacked after there position was given away to them by an apparantley intoxicated Bartimus, they managed to drive them off relatively fast and spotted the outpost of the Terragar in the distance about 500 feet further into the cavern built into the back of a "hill".

The party sent Cornilius to scout ahead and get a better bearing of the layout of the Warfort.

Well constructed and consisting of numerable guard towers with heavy ballista's there was a large gate towards one side. Cornilius managed to scout without being detected.

Deciding to go for a strike on many different sides of the fort, The Tormites and Co quickly raided the top battlements and took control of them. Roland used his misty step to gain acess to one of the towers and then cut down the 2 Terragar maning the ballista. Cornilius followed and took cover ready to follow up. Gilius used shatter to destroy the main gate and Malus contained another tower with his nature magic. Ivanna and Astrea climbed up another tower towards the front and quickly slew the guards, Astrea then turned the ballista against another tower and began engaging them while Ivana charged along the connecting walkway.  Bartimus collapsed one of the towers using storm magic and gained entrance that way.            



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