The Afflicted

Episode 8

Hidden Threats

After the initial push to gain access to the Terragar Warfort. Cornilius, Gil, Roland and Malus split off to investigate the inner dungeon.

Meanwhile outside Astrea and Ivanna found Bartimus in a catatonic state mumbling unusually to himself his beloved brew barrel smashed nearby. Astrea noticed some unusual wounds around his ears alluding to the fact that something had gained purchase on his mind (She rolled a nat 20)

Astrea stabbed him in the neck and put him out of his apparent misery (she wanted "his shit") and was then surprised to see a 4 limbed brain entity emerge from his ear canal, an intellect devourer!

Meanwhile inside the other half of the group found a gaol manned by some Orog's and fought a battle with some more Terragar in there barracks.

Astrea and Ivanna fled from the ID and the chase was on! Astrea dropped all her attacks into and heavily hurt it but it but the strange creature did not go down, both women climbed up the nearest tower and watched in amusement as the small brain like creature fumbled and was unable to climb the stone structure. Ivanna finished it of by crushing it with a large stone block that had come loose during the battle.

It was at this point that the two halves of the group met back up…



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