The Afflicted

Episode 9


Cornilius was ambushed by a Terragar wearing basic rags and a Naganese style hat.

This practitioner of ki arts attempted to strike him in the back his fists powered by some sort of mystic energy. Cornelius Deftly evaded these strikes and the Monk retreated and disappeared into one of the many rooms in the fort. Our group pursued and was counter ambushed by a pair of Gelationous Cubes! One of these contained an awesome suit of plate armor (+1 adamatine plate).

At this point the group retreated to the gaol and had a rest, Gilius used his mending spell to "weld" the doors of the gaol shut.

During the rest a trap door in one of the cells opened and somthing approximating a smoke grenade was thrown into the cells, everyone was caught off guard except for Roland, he recognized a warrior from his old unit. Enter Bltus whom had been sent by the "king" of Midgard to investigate the incursion in Neo-krag and help out where he could.

After the cubes were defeated Roland claimed the Armor for himself, and using his divine sense became aware of an evil entity lurking below.

The group discovered a large spiral staircase in the room where the cubes were lurking and began to make there way downstairs at a slow pace.

Cornilius scouted ahead and made his was into what appeared to be a large Hexagonal shaped room that contained a large feasting hall for the Terragar. There was a lengthy table with many Terragar warriors apparently feasting on cooked goblin. Off to one side of the room was a cage that contained a pair on minotaurs, at the head of the table sat a tall hooded figure.

As Cornilius snuck into the room in his minds eye he heard the words "I am so glad you could join us" At that the rest of the party erupted into the room and the battle was joined. Cornilius moved across the room to disable the lock containing the minotaurs (much to the amusement of the hooded entity and the face-palming of Roland) Malus cast a spike growth spell on the majority of the Terragar. The hooded entity stood up and revealed itself it had strange sickly purple skin and an alien visage with tentacles coming from its mouth, a Mind Flayer!

With amusement  it used mystic telekinesis to pull Cornilius across the spike growth doing heavy damage to him, Roland misty stepped to engage the mind flayer in personal combat while Bltsu charged the minotaurs with some bow fire support from Astrea. Ivanna charged on top of the table and began assaulting the Terragar warriors while Gil began taking hits from the monk who had retreated before.

Roland and Cornilius did some damage to the mind flayer and it attacked back incapacitating Cornilius. Malus unleashed some lighting bolts and Bltsu was holding his own against the minotaurs.

The mind flayer went for the finishing blow on Cornilius and Roland not wanting to see his companions brains get eaten for brunch stepped in and cut the fiend down with a burst of divine energy erupting from his sword, he then used his lay on hands to heal the elf "Helm has more work for you yet"

Gilius took a heavy hit from the monk (Crit) and was left barely conscious despite this he gritted his teeth and activated his wrath of the storm (hes a tough sunofabitch)

Bltsu cut down a minotaur the titan-maulers massive blade arcing about the room like a whirlwind and Astrea put an arrow though the other massive bull humanoids eye.

The monk attempted to retreat once more and was rewarded with a battle-axe in the back from Gil for his efforts, Ivanna cut down any remaining threats (including kicking one unfortunate Terragar in the skull)



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