The Afflicted

Episode 21


The Dark one surveyed the scene. Carnage, desolation. devastation. The mind beasts had struck again. sparing none and taking only the strong. He had experienced isolated individuals of their kind before, outcast, mutants or worse but not like this not of this magnitude, not this …. organized. Nearby a building burned in the village and he investigated he picked up a small toy of a child. She laid face down her mind removed just like the rest. Such youth considered nothing more than food by these aberrations. He crushed the toy with an armored fist and threw it into the fire. There would be no quarter in this given. Nothing more, nothing less. His form shifted and an inhuman roar echoed throughout the Underdark…




The party (Including a retuning Brindlebuckle) hold out in the Elder Brain Temple against Mind-Flayers and their thralls.



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