The Afflicted

Episode 14

The Throneroom

As Malus, Ivanna and Jack made there way down a flight of stairs to the next level of the fortress. They were joined bu Larry, a half elven monk (path of the open hand) he came crashing through a wall and said nothing.

(The others decided that a being that could make an entrance as awesome as must certainly be aligned to there cause and he has been following them around ever since!)

They fought there way into a room where they met back up with Bltsu, Gilius and Astrea and they found a Dwarven woman on a torture rack in one of the rooms and freed her (although Astrea was quiet suspicious)

The Woman stockily built and heavily scared across her face appeared to be some sort of knight, she had bear iconography on her armour and introduced herself as Shey-lar of Torm (The same person the party had been hired to find).

Not having time for small talk the party made there way across a series of bridges (under fire from ballista no less) into the opening of what appeared to be the Throneroom of the Terragar King Morrcanne.

While the party rested Jack used his magic to assume the form of "The Great Wizard" and attempted to intimidate the King while this was happening between 30-40 Terragar arrived and began dismantleing the bridges from the other side!

Surprisingly calm at this break of royal protocol he laughed casually at Jack he told him to "surrender of die" at his side the King was guarded by a Orog Monk of some ability and his Daughter Simbel an Arcanist of some kind. And one of the bookcases in the room sled open to reveal a Stone Afflicted (Giant)



The rest of the party charged into the room and the combat was joined


Larry charged into Simbel and heavily wounded her

Ivanna charged the Orog Monk

Shey-lar charged the King looking for revenge

Astrea provided fire support where needed

Jack attempted to turn the giant and failed

Malus cast Call Lightning

Bltsu charged the giant and began to do heavy damage

Gilius cast spiritual weapon and kept close to Jack.


Cimbel cast "finger of death" on Larry and he was Incapacitated. 

The Orog monk took heavy damage from the combined attacks of Ivanna and Astrea. But did heavy damage to Ivanna in the process.

The King continued to do damage to Ivanna and Shey-lar but took heavy damage from Jack and Malus in the form of there spells.

Bltsu heavily wounded the Stone Giant (and it was beggining to look hurt)

Gil got Larry back up with a healing word.


Cimbel cast Arcane Gate but did not enter it

Larry retreated back

The Orog Monk did heavy damage to Ivanna

Astrea shot the Orog monk again

Ivanna cut down the Orog monk!

Shey-lar continued to battle the King

The King Hurt Ivanna, Shey-lar and would have incapacitated Ivanna but her Half Orc Relentless ability kicked in.

Ivanna retreated

Astrea shot stuff

Malus and Jack continued to focus fire on the King to good effect.

Bltsu cut down the Giant and readied his Crossbow to give fire support on the next turn.

Gil cast a Cure Wounds on Larry.


Cimbel reluctantly exited via the Arcane Gate leaving the King to his fate

Larry (now healed) threw a bookcase though the arcane gate.

Shey-lar continued her assault on the King

The King focused attacks on Shey-lar and was brining her close to incapacitation.

Ivanna took a healing potion

Astrea shot the King again

Malus and Jack continued the nukeing

Bltsu fired his crossbow but the shots bouced off the Kings armour

Gil healed Ivanna also


Larry investigated the chamber

The King hit Shey-lar and almost brought her low

Ivanna attacked the King and cut him down with an axe to the face!


The party regrouped and decided what to do next….



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