Human, Barbarian 10 (Berserker)


In a quiet opportunity to herself…

Ivanna was feeling … disjointed … disembodied (ha ha).

Emotionally, spiritually and physically (to some degree).

But very much personally…

She was gradually growing used to the change of body, the fight had helped greatly with that, as she surveyed the area she stopped at a section of a former foe. dipped her hand, reached up and dragged it two lines across her face, peacefully, carefully and with solomn purpose down over the left eye and across ear to ear over the bridge of this much smaller nose.

Thinking she then headed for the remains of the camp fire pit and retrieved ashen stick, drawing darkly, she drew her old tribal tattoos onto her scavenged clothing, raw and smudged.

One last act. Ivanna scooped up a half handful of ash, cooled now this was spread on her face from forehead to nose.

Saying nothing, explaining nothing but heaving a great sigh of almost relief, she seemed to gather her thoughts shake something off mentally and looked around for the other


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