Bltsu MIA

Human Fighter 9 Barbarian 3


Even the beginning of Bltsu’s life was violent as he was found as an innocent babe after an orc raid by a company
of mercenaries. His mother (and presumable family) were lost.

Taken under their wing Bltsu endured many. hardships at the hands of his surrogate family

As he began training at age 5 in the ways of the sword. his natural aptitude for large weapons was developed as the mercenaries had no “child-sized” weapons for Bltsu to begin with… so he had to adapt to weapons larger that himself from the outset…

Years past and eventually the company were were ambushed while on a campaign for one of the kingdom lords. They were betrayed and set up for an ambush many were slain including Bltsu surrogate father. They retreated and sought refuge in some underground cave. It was here while separated from his fellow soldiers that Bltsu chanced upon a massive two handed great-sword that should be better described as a massive hunk of Iron
It was rustic of aspect but he could faintly make out the words engraved on the hilt “Tamer”

Of the events that follow Bltsu does not talk of. Others say he was the last survivor of his company (The Razor-hawks) but it is unknown at this time.

He been sent to Neo-Krag, tasked by the “King” of Midgard to investigate the troubles there.


Bltsu MIA

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