Gilius Thundercloud

Hill Dwarf Cleric 7 (Tempest) Fighter 1


Before Gilius took up the mantle of adventuring he was a blacksmith in his home village in the Drachenheim mountains.
Together with his brother Brakk they created many superb works of smithing and craftsmanship together
and it was said that their smith shop was destined to be (eventually) one of the most famous in the lands.
All those dreams were smashed when a horde of drow raiders came and slaughtered whom they deemed not
worthy of the slave pits.
Gilius barley escaped with his life and he last saw Brakk surrounded by Drow fighting them off with the family axe as their family shop was burning to ashes.
Brakk is Presumed to be dead or captured.

Barley alive and even less coherent Gilius wandered the wilderness for weeks at times all but consumed by grief and rage

Gilius eventually came to the entrance of a cave after he sought shelter from a forest fire.
A bolt of lightning struck a large oak as he approached the cave entrance. Sensing that something was amiss
Gilius approached the burning oak as it burned with a strange blue fire.
Stranger still the blue fire spoke to Gilius

It offered him a chance for revenge…..


Gilius Thundercloud

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