The Afflicted

Episode 6

Sensing subterfuge the Tormites and company spread out and got ready to counter attack whatever force had sprung there trap upon them. Cornelius faded into the shadows!

Small grey-skinned humanoids emerged from there invisibility and attacked with crossbows and javelin, the Terragar (grey dwarves) had arrived

After a short but brutal skirmish they were overcome, despite there small numbers they managed to hold there own against the Tormites. Roland postulated that they were a type of ambush patrol set out to capture or kill intruders upon the Terragar realm (and i.e were a part of a larger force).

After a quick party meeting and Malise finding some tracks it was decided that they ought to search for and find the operating base of these Terragar with the possibility further gather intelligence on the whereabouts of She-lar and the under realm in general.

Episode 5
Malise Cubed

Upon overcoming the goblinoid horde, the team did a search of the area and found an entrance into the Underworld and another small passageway covered and blocked by some rubble (from a suspected cave-in). They spent some time excavating and once this was accomplished Cornilius scouted ahead and disabled some traps in the flooring and led the group in.

After some time the passageway narrowed and eventually they came to an unusually clean room about 50 feet by 50 feet. There was a chest inexplicably floating in mid air and as they stepped into the room Cornelius was the first to notice a giant, translucent and seemingly alive cube that then moved to absorb malise in its grasp.

Calling upon the fury of the wild malise shifted into the form of a Warg and managed to escape its grasp although he took some damage in the process. The group attacked and Roland stepped forward to smite the cube and delivered the coup de grace, the cube collapsed into many different parts and then disintegrated into the dungeon floor.

Roland then investigated the chest almost thought he was losing his senses when he saw a tongue draw across the mouth of the chest.  


They overcame the creature mimicking as a treasure chest and found a set of "bracers of protection" within.

Heading back to the main chamber where the fought the goblinoid horde the team then headed further into the dungeon.

After many hours travel they emerged into a large cavern that was dimly lit by unusual self luminescent rocks coming from the "ceiling". Traveling through the rough terrain searching they came to a path and decided to head along and eventually came to a camp and sent in cornilius to scout. Slowly sneaking he found what looked to be several humanoid shapes surrounding a fire. He did not call out to them but decided to get a closer look.

The "humanoids" were in fact a family of makeshift dummies surrounding a false camp and a trap was sprung by some invisible figures flanking both sides of the group.

Episode 4
Into the Ether-steel Mines

The Tormites and newly found Neo-krag companions were able to overcome the emerging monsters and Duke Erasmus arrived to give them a reward.

After a rest they came collectively decided to search the mines (and possibly the Underdark) for signs of She-lar and to further investigate the problems coming from there.

Gilius swore an oath as they had helped him find his cousin and he decided to drag him along as he wanted to keep an eye on him. They were also joined by a mysterious fighting woman called Astrea who offered her services as she had been exploring the mines and caves beneath Neo-krag. 

They made there way below on a mine eleveator into the deepest level of the mine emerged into pitch darkness and after traveling along for some time were ambushed by a goblin horde an Ettin and a Bugbear cheif who was directing the greenskins.

Episode 3
Downtown to Mine-town

The Tormites rested for the night in the old temple, meanwhile Cornilius was having a meeting at a local thieves guild safehouse the guild rep was talking to him about how a new group in town called The Nighthands were pushing in on The Dock-owners turf. Before he or Cornelius could elaborate further a bunch of attackers burst into the room. Thinking quickly Cornelius decided to escape and evade these would be Assassins and blend into the night. Him and the others made there way to The Happy Sparrow.

Upon arriving at the happy sparrow they talked to the Owner Karaan and met a dwarf warrior by the name of Gilius Thundercloud who was looking for his cousin.

She-lar was nowhere to be seen and upon asking around Karaan told them that she knew her but had not seen her for about a week.

A bunch of mercenaries soldiers from the area picked a fight with out crew only to be put down by Roland embarrassing there commander (to the amusement of his own comrades) and a Assassin (presumably from the nighthawks) tried to jump Cornelius and then swallowed poison after being bear hugged by Ivanna. Gilius decided to help the Tormites find She-lar if they helped him find his cousin, and so Bartimus Thunderbrew also joined the team

They then ran into the town guards who summoned them for a meeting with Duke Erasmus.

Duke Erasmus invited them into the keep for a meeting and after explaining some of the troubles in the area (cults, monster attacks, personnel going AWOL), he wore a grim countenance and looked like he had not slept for many days. He also explained that She-lar had crazily gone down into the deep mines below Neo-krag.

He fined the Tormites 500 gold for public nuisance but then offered them 1000 gold each for help in defense of the city.

The Duke was about to talk further when alarms started ringing from the mining quarter and men at arms started to rush down toward the intrusion.

The team arrived only to find many green skin small humanoids emerging from the mine entrance and overwhelming the local defenders springing quickly to the locals aid the Tormites gained the upper hand but it soon became apparent that the goblins were themselves fleeing from something with desperation.

A mighty bellow emerged from the mine entrance and not one but 2 Minotaurs emerged from the mine entrance and attacked. 

Episode 2
Big Trouble in Neo-krag

After a day and a nights travel the Tormites reached the outskirt suberbs of Neo-Krag, Cornelius (The Rogue) split off from the rest of the party with the intent to contact the local thieves guild (The dock-owners)  he was able to cover ground thru the urban sprawl quickly, while the others (Roland Ivanna and Malise) Intended to head to the Happy Sparrow Tavern to meet with She-lar their contact given to them by Mentorg.

The atmosphere in the in the city was very bleak with many locals simply avoiding them. They chanced upun a number of locals being led against there will into an abandoned old temple of Kossuth. 

With some fast talking by Roland they managed to gain entrance to the building and they discovered a gruesome scene, the members of this sect were performing some sort of dark ritual on a young girl, intending to sacrifice her.

Springing into action they saved the girl and after a short battle and cleared the building of the cultist.

The episode ended with them discovering a wall painted in blood with the words…



Episode 1

The team emerged from from an arcane gateway in the Dracenheim Mountains.

They traveled through a series of caves and mountain trails heading towards there destination of Neo-Krag (A mining city in the kingdom of Midgard). They encountered a series of migrating goblin tribes and were later pursued by goblin warg-riders.

After a series of skirmish battles were able to neutralize these threats.

The newly formed team "The Tormites" were working well together.

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