The Afflicted

Episode 14
The Throneroom

As Malus, Ivanna and Jack made there way down a flight of stairs to the next level of the fortress. They were joined bu Larry, a half elven monk (path of the open hand) he came crashing through a wall and said nothing.

(The others decided that a being that could make an entrance as awesome as must certainly be aligned to there cause and he has been following them around ever since!)

They fought there way into a room where they met back up with Bltsu, Gilius and Astrea and they found a Dwarven woman on a torture rack in one of the rooms and freed her (although Astrea was quiet suspicious)

The Woman stockily built and heavily scared across her face appeared to be some sort of knight, she had bear iconography on her armour and introduced herself as Shey-lar of Torm (The same person the party had been hired to find).

Not having time for small talk the party made there way across a series of bridges (under fire from ballista no less) into the opening of what appeared to be the Throneroom of the Terragar King Morrcanne.

While the party rested Jack used his magic to assume the form of "The Great Wizard" and attempted to intimidate the King while this was happening between 30-40 Terragar arrived and began dismantleing the bridges from the other side!

Surprisingly calm at this break of royal protocol he laughed casually at Jack he told him to "surrender of die" at his side the King was guarded by a Orog Monk of some ability and his Daughter Simbel an Arcanist of some kind. And one of the bookcases in the room sled open to reveal a Stone Afflicted (Giant)



The rest of the party charged into the room and the combat was joined


Larry charged into Simbel and heavily wounded her

Ivanna charged the Orog Monk

Shey-lar charged the King looking for revenge

Astrea provided fire support where needed

Jack attempted to turn the giant and failed

Malus cast Call Lightning

Bltsu charged the giant and began to do heavy damage

Gilius cast spiritual weapon and kept close to Jack.


Cimbel cast "finger of death" on Larry and he was Incapacitated. 

The Orog monk took heavy damage from the combined attacks of Ivanna and Astrea. But did heavy damage to Ivanna in the process.

The King continued to do damage to Ivanna and Shey-lar but took heavy damage from Jack and Malus in the form of there spells.

Bltsu heavily wounded the Stone Giant (and it was beggining to look hurt)

Gil got Larry back up with a healing word.


Cimbel cast Arcane Gate but did not enter it

Larry retreated back

The Orog Monk did heavy damage to Ivanna

Astrea shot the Orog monk again

Ivanna cut down the Orog monk!

Shey-lar continued to battle the King

The King Hurt Ivanna, Shey-lar and would have incapacitated Ivanna but her Half Orc Relentless ability kicked in.

Ivanna retreated

Astrea shot stuff

Malus and Jack continued to focus fire on the King to good effect.

Bltsu cut down the Giant and readied his Crossbow to give fire support on the next turn.

Gil cast a Cure Wounds on Larry.


Cimbel reluctantly exited via the Arcane Gate leaving the King to his fate

Larry (now healed) threw a bookcase though the arcane gate.

Shey-lar continued her assault on the King

The King focused attacks on Shey-lar and was brining her close to incapacitation.

Ivanna took a healing potion

Astrea shot the King again

Malus and Jack continued the nukeing

Bltsu fired his crossbow but the shots bouced off the Kings armour

Gil healed Ivanna also


Larry investigated the chamber

The King hit Shey-lar and almost brought her low

Ivanna attacked the King and cut him down with an axe to the face!


The party regrouped and decided what to do next….

Episode 13
Hello Jack

After the climactic battle with the Drow the temple started to collapse around our adventurers due to the damage caused from magics unleashed on both sides.

Malus and Ivanna made there way into the fortress of Underheim and found a new companion, Jack who was a captive sitting in the Terragar gaol.

Jack who had grown up in Neo-krag and had been personally affected by the attacks in the city, and had signed up with She-lar of Torm when she arrived in the city and set herself to the task of doing something about it.

After being ambushed by a massive force of Terragar he had been separated from Shey-lar and the rest of his party he was brought to the fortress and thrown into a cell to await whatever fate was going to do with him.

Jack is a Mystic Theurge (Cleric, Wizard multiclass) with an apparent case of schizophrenia, the Trauma from watching his family die at the hands of monsters from beneath the city has caused him to have multiple personalities the Jack we know is sometimes taken over by a mysterious and powerful Wizard with great and terrible power.

Malus and Ivanna now joined by Jack made there way thru the first level of the dungeon and had a tough encounter with some Monks, before exiting the level and hoping to re-group with the rest of the party.

Episode 12

In the final game for the year. The Tormites encountered a party of Drow as they attempted to decipher the puzzle of the fortress entrance. Several Drider's scouted ahead while an elite squad infiltrated into an effective attack position.

Bltsu and Cornelius were set upon by the massive Arachnid warriors and the battlelines were drawn. Malus turned into his Warg form and was blasted by a lightning bolt! an invisible caster was also assailing the Tormites position. Astea began counter attacking with long bow shots while Gilius began to move towards the incursion. Roland attempted to assault a Drider and got cut down by some ferocious attacks. 

The spell caster caused some arcane tentacles to sprout from the floor and restrained Ivanna, Bltsu cut down a Drider, purple ichor covered his dragon-tamer sword and he moved to cover his fallen friend Roland. Malus (now back in his natural form) started throwing back lightning of his own breaking the Drow casters concentration, causing him to become visible.

The Drow did heavy damage to Ivanna with poison arrows and attack's while Gilius in a rare display of his powers unleashed a furious Ice-Storm. Astrea cut down several Drow with long bow and chain whip. 

In the center of what was once an ancient temple The remaining Drow pressed home there attack The Drow mage unleashed a furious cone of cold heavily damaging Ivanna, Mallus and Gil and killing the second Drider! while an Elite Drow warrior dueled with Bltsu still protecting his unconscious comrade. 

Emerging from the shadows after waiting for just the right moment Cornelius emerged to strike down the Drow mage with his sneak attacks, This freed Ivanna from the Tentacles. Gilius healed Roland with his divine magic and seeing their mage slain the rest of the Drow turned tail and fled.



Episode 10 and 11
Towards Underheim

In the aftermath of the battle in the Terragar Warfort they party found several objects

Ring of Might (+2 STR)

Bracers of Archery

Dagger of Venom

Potion of Mana (Recover spell slots)

The party also found a map detailing the location of Underheim the main Terragar fortress. Roland postulated that was the place where She-lar was most likely being held (assuming she had been captured). The Fort was heavily damaged in the battle and party decided to make haste and exit.

Following the trail they ended up in a chaotic landscape  emerged into a larger cavern that was naturally lit up by the presence of lava rivers flowing in all directions. Interspersed in between massive rock formations and fallen stalactites. While traveling around a narrow trail along one of these formations Bltsu and Gil lost there grip, the rocks apparently porous and brittle in some places gave way and precipitated the dwarf and the large warrior to fall. The party spent some time traveling through the trail until it leveled out into a larger area. Bltsu and Gil returned after throwing a grappling hook over the side of the gap and climbing back to join the others (Bltsu actually carried him on his back)

With all the noise being made, this attracted the attention of a pair of Umber-hulks which the team managed to slay without to many problems. Malus tooks parts of the armored carapace for himself and Gilius swore to fashion it into a suit of natural armor when they get back to the surface. They stopped for a rest.

Continuing on and getting through the roughest parts of the terrain (and avoiding a patrol), the team emerged and spotted a giant ziggurat shaped fortress in the distance. it was of a design unlike anything they had seen. designed to channel the flow of lava which was emerging from the cavern ceiling and directed it to flow over the structure. This caused it to apparently direct the lava flows in a safe way and also made the Fortress hard to assault from a large enemy force.

The team headed across a stone bridge that crossed one of the "lava moats" and guarding the ramp to a higher portion of the fortress was a company of at least 50 goblins having a celebration around a large bonfire. Deciding to go for a frontal assault the Tormites and Co attacked with good teamwork and managed to drive them off while suffering minimal damage.

Heading up the large stone ramp they spied and entrance being guarded by several armored Orogs standing in a formation and flanking by a pair of Giant Ettins.

After dispatching these guards they gained entrance to a large hall with many stone pillars holding up the roof to what was perhaps once an ancient shrine.

Emerging from the darkness an extremely large armored form greeted the intruders. It had flame colored hair and wielded a sword much larger than a human, in common it said "If you want something done right down here, you must do it yourself" it then let out an deafening warcry and charged…



Episode 9

Cornilius was ambushed by a Terragar wearing basic rags and a Naganese style hat.

This practitioner of ki arts attempted to strike him in the back his fists powered by some sort of mystic energy. Cornelius Deftly evaded these strikes and the Monk retreated and disappeared into one of the many rooms in the fort. Our group pursued and was counter ambushed by a pair of Gelationous Cubes! One of these contained an awesome suit of plate armor (+1 adamatine plate).

At this point the group retreated to the gaol and had a rest, Gilius used his mending spell to "weld" the doors of the gaol shut.

During the rest a trap door in one of the cells opened and somthing approximating a smoke grenade was thrown into the cells, everyone was caught off guard except for Roland, he recognized a warrior from his old unit. Enter Bltus whom had been sent by the "king" of Midgard to investigate the incursion in Neo-krag and help out where he could.

After the cubes were defeated Roland claimed the Armor for himself, and using his divine sense became aware of an evil entity lurking below.

The group discovered a large spiral staircase in the room where the cubes were lurking and began to make there way downstairs at a slow pace.

Cornilius scouted ahead and made his was into what appeared to be a large Hexagonal shaped room that contained a large feasting hall for the Terragar. There was a lengthy table with many Terragar warriors apparently feasting on cooked goblin. Off to one side of the room was a cage that contained a pair on minotaurs, at the head of the table sat a tall hooded figure.

As Cornilius snuck into the room in his minds eye he heard the words "I am so glad you could join us" At that the rest of the party erupted into the room and the battle was joined. Cornilius moved across the room to disable the lock containing the minotaurs (much to the amusement of the hooded entity and the face-palming of Roland) Malus cast a spike growth spell on the majority of the Terragar. The hooded entity stood up and revealed itself it had strange sickly purple skin and an alien visage with tentacles coming from its mouth, a Mind Flayer!

With amusement  it used mystic telekinesis to pull Cornilius across the spike growth doing heavy damage to him, Roland misty stepped to engage the mind flayer in personal combat while Bltsu charged the minotaurs with some bow fire support from Astrea. Ivanna charged on top of the table and began assaulting the Terragar warriors while Gil began taking hits from the monk who had retreated before.

Roland and Cornilius did some damage to the mind flayer and it attacked back incapacitating Cornilius. Malus unleashed some lighting bolts and Bltsu was holding his own against the minotaurs.

The mind flayer went for the finishing blow on Cornilius and Roland not wanting to see his companions brains get eaten for brunch stepped in and cut the fiend down with a burst of divine energy erupting from his sword, he then used his lay on hands to heal the elf "Helm has more work for you yet"

Gilius took a heavy hit from the monk (Crit) and was left barely conscious despite this he gritted his teeth and activated his wrath of the storm (hes a tough sunofabitch)

Bltsu cut down a minotaur the titan-maulers massive blade arcing about the room like a whirlwind and Astrea put an arrow though the other massive bull humanoids eye.

The monk attempted to retreat once more and was rewarded with a battle-axe in the back from Gil for his efforts, Ivanna cut down any remaining threats (including kicking one unfortunate Terragar in the skull)

Episode 8
Hidden Threats

After the initial push to gain access to the Terragar Warfort. Cornilius, Gil, Roland and Malus split off to investigate the inner dungeon.

Meanwhile outside Astrea and Ivanna found Bartimus in a catatonic state mumbling unusually to himself his beloved brew barrel smashed nearby. Astrea noticed some unusual wounds around his ears alluding to the fact that something had gained purchase on his mind (She rolled a nat 20)

Astrea stabbed him in the neck and put him out of his apparent misery (she wanted "his shit") and was then surprised to see a 4 limbed brain entity emerge from his ear canal, an intellect devourer!

Meanwhile inside the other half of the group found a gaol manned by some Orog's and fought a battle with some more Terragar in there barracks.

Astrea and Ivanna fled from the ID and the chase was on! Astrea dropped all her attacks into and heavily hurt it but it but the strange creature did not go down, both women climbed up the nearest tower and watched in amusement as the small brain like creature fumbled and was unable to climb the stone structure. Ivanna finished it of by crushing it with a large stone block that had come loose during the battle.

It was at this point that the two halves of the group met back up…

Episode 7
Against the Warfort

The Tormites and Co headed towards the Terragar F.O.B with the plan to gain entrance and find some possible intelligence on the whereabouts of She-lar and disposition of the underground threat facing Neo-krag and the Overworld in general.

It should be noted that they were pursed by a goblin warparty and Bartimus was noticed to be acting strange. The warparty attacked after there position was given away to them by an apparantley intoxicated Bartimus, they managed to drive them off relatively fast and spotted the outpost of the Terragar in the distance about 500 feet further into the cavern built into the back of a "hill".

The party sent Cornilius to scout ahead and get a better bearing of the layout of the Warfort.

Well constructed and consisting of numerable guard towers with heavy ballista's there was a large gate towards one side. Cornilius managed to scout without being detected.

Deciding to go for a strike on many different sides of the fort, The Tormites and Co quickly raided the top battlements and took control of them. Roland used his misty step to gain acess to one of the towers and then cut down the 2 Terragar maning the ballista. Cornilius followed and took cover ready to follow up. Gilius used shatter to destroy the main gate and Malus contained another tower with his nature magic. Ivanna and Astrea climbed up another tower towards the front and quickly slew the guards, Astrea then turned the ballista against another tower and began engaging them while Ivana charged along the connecting walkway.  Bartimus collapsed one of the towers using storm magic and gained entrance that way.            

Episode 6

Sensing subterfuge the Tormites and company spread out and got ready to counter attack whatever force had sprung there trap upon them. Cornelius faded into the shadows!

Small grey-skinned humanoids emerged from there invisibility and attacked with crossbows and javelin, the Terragar (grey dwarves) had arrived

After a short but brutal skirmish they were overcome, despite there small numbers they managed to hold there own against the Tormites. Roland postulated that they were a type of ambush patrol set out to capture or kill intruders upon the Terragar realm (and i.e were a part of a larger force).

After a quick party meeting and Malise finding some tracks it was decided that they ought to search for and find the operating base of these Terragar with the possibility further gather intelligence on the whereabouts of She-lar and the under realm in general.

Episode 5
Malise Cubed

Upon overcoming the goblinoid horde, the team did a search of the area and found an entrance into the Underworld and another small passageway covered and blocked by some rubble (from a suspected cave-in). They spent some time excavating and once this was accomplished Cornilius scouted ahead and disabled some traps in the flooring and led the group in.

After some time the passageway narrowed and eventually they came to an unusually clean room about 50 feet by 50 feet. There was a chest inexplicably floating in mid air and as they stepped into the room Cornelius was the first to notice a giant, translucent and seemingly alive cube that then moved to absorb malise in its grasp.

Calling upon the fury of the wild malise shifted into the form of a Warg and managed to escape its grasp although he took some damage in the process. The group attacked and Roland stepped forward to smite the cube and delivered the coup de grace, the cube collapsed into many different parts and then disintegrated into the dungeon floor.

Roland then investigated the chest almost thought he was losing his senses when he saw a tongue draw across the mouth of the chest.  


They overcame the creature mimicking as a treasure chest and found a set of "bracers of protection" within.

Heading back to the main chamber where the fought the goblinoid horde the team then headed further into the dungeon.

After many hours travel they emerged into a large cavern that was dimly lit by unusual self luminescent rocks coming from the "ceiling". Traveling through the rough terrain searching they came to a path and decided to head along and eventually came to a camp and sent in cornilius to scout. Slowly sneaking he found what looked to be several humanoid shapes surrounding a fire. He did not call out to them but decided to get a closer look.

The "humanoids" were in fact a family of makeshift dummies surrounding a false camp and a trap was sprung by some invisible figures flanking both sides of the group.

Episode 4
Into the Ether-steel Mines

The Tormites and newly found Neo-krag companions were able to overcome the emerging monsters and Duke Erasmus arrived to give them a reward.

After a rest they came collectively decided to search the mines (and possibly the Underdark) for signs of She-lar and to further investigate the problems coming from there.

Gilius swore an oath as they had helped him find his cousin and he decided to drag him along as he wanted to keep an eye on him. They were also joined by a mysterious fighting woman called Astrea who offered her services as she had been exploring the mines and caves beneath Neo-krag. 

They made there way below on a mine eleveator into the deepest level of the mine emerged into pitch darkness and after traveling along for some time were ambushed by a goblin horde an Ettin and a Bugbear cheif who was directing the greenskins.


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