There was a War in the heavens.

The desolation spilled out onto our world and onto the island kingdom of Nagano. Violent, incandescent bursts or energy erupted from the sky.

Like Giant fists of God impacting they were, impregnating the earth with a curse of change.


Nature herself heaved in protest; ancient mountains long thought of as dormant grew once again, angry and full of the white-hot blood of the earth.

The once peaceful land became scorched in a mindless waste, unrest was to follow. One nation, The Kingdom of Nagano was a nation of city-states. Conflict already gripped them and there pride but worse would follow.

The Dark materials from the sky wrought a change upon the land and the mantle of the earth heaved and displaced a major part of the kingdom. Areas once harmonious and full of life were blasted into deserts, wastelands or worse, drought, famine and disease came next the effects were everywhere.

Many more died as a terrible curse befell them, their physiology battered and the Healers were at a loss, they watched scores go into the makeshift burial pits. Common folk would go missing in the night never to be seen again, tales of nightmare things stalking the land abounded. Misshapen and impossible creatures. Most (almost all) who were touched by the curse died but some managed to survive but were forever changed. They became know as the Afflicted ones and it is best not to speak of such things.

Those in command of the warring states were to preoccupied with matters of state to lend relief, only concerned with settling old feuds and continuing their campaigns. The dire signs and warnings fell on deaf ears. Perhaps amongst the cheif caste there was a sense of denial or maybe they would just rather fight over what little remained untouched. It mattered not the winds of change had come.

The only aid for the common would come from an elusive quarter. Enter the wise Order-monks. Proud disciples of Kai-spirit, masters of the esoteric fighting arts and students of the arcane. Initially they kept to their monastic enclaves as the Orders doctrine for the most part forbade interference in worldly matters. For a time they debated as they studied the pattern of events and trying to discern the nature of this new threat. To them it seemed apparent that heaven itself had turned against all life.


The Afflicted

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