Good Morning Your Majesty.

“A report on the Dispostion of groups and individuals following the events concerning Neo-Krag and the Blahino Incident"

Shelar. “She reluctantly returned herself to the fortress or Torm and awaits a new assignment due to her unique abilities she will continue to be a superb asset to us. I continue to praise her to the council and I only hope in time that she will succeed to the position awaiting here”.

Roland and Bltsu . “The former Razorhawks were last seen fighting during the Incident and namely the attack on the Terragar fortress, Roland was separated from his comrades after part of the edifice collapsed and seemingly buried him. While the latter was seemingly transported off Plane (for good?)” “I know that your majesty is happy to see the last two members of that Unit gone due to their loyalty and connection to your predecessor, although if I am quite frank if anyone can survive such trials it is those two. Only time will tell”.

Gilius Thundercloud. “Went back to his Smithy and actually packed up shop and went back to the Dracheneim Mountains. It is rumored he went to a town by the name of Blasingdell hoping for the quiet life”.

Cornelius M two-fingers. “The rogue was last seen fighting on the battlements of Underheim buying time for his allies to escape he was eventually cut down when King Morcanne returned to the front the Terragar leader throwing his corpse from the walls in a show of force. Speaking of which…”

King Morcanne and the Terragar “According to my sources the Terragar King abdicated his throne after his self confessed “failure” and went out to wander into the fire wastes surrounding the Terragar Territory and has not been seen since. With the removal of the controlling influence of BLAHINO I predict this methodical people will go back to being a relatively benign Realm”

Count Erasmus Ironside “Was assassinated by the Nighthands guild not long after the Arrival of the Marine groups. I assume that a replacement has been chosen and or promoted to the Peerage, I am big on alliteration today …. Forgive me I digress. The Nighthands themselves continue to be an unknown quantity at this time although my sources tell me they gained a massive amount or ground vs their opposite group (the Dock Workers) again time will tell. 

Fire Afflicted (Giants) “More information is required King Snurre Iron Belly seems content in his realm for the moment we will continue to monitor them". 

Terranasi “The dark elves are much of a unknown quantity the appearance of an extremely powerful individual is interesting as it would mark the first time in centuries Prince Fowlcrawler has interfered in events concerning his people. We will continue to be wary of the Children of Lothra”.

The Illithids “Are hopefully now a broken force on this plane although I am hesitant to make that assumption with the destruction of their Elder Brain and the Ulitharid Heir will prove a massive hurdle for their reproductive cycle and the unification of their society. Again we will be vigilant.

The Tormites “The rest of the party disbanded and went their own ways after returning to the surface for a much needed rest it is unknown what they are up too at this time again they present an unknown quantity”. At your disposal as always


Theracian Saga