The Afflicted

Episode 12


In the final game for the year. The Tormites encountered a party of Drow as they attempted to decipher the puzzle of the fortress entrance. Several Drider's scouted ahead while an elite squad infiltrated into an effective attack position.

Bltsu and Cornelius were set upon by the massive Arachnid warriors and the battlelines were drawn. Malus turned into his Warg form and was blasted by a lightning bolt! an invisible caster was also assailing the Tormites position. Astea began counter attacking with long bow shots while Gilius began to move towards the incursion. Roland attempted to assault a Drider and got cut down by some ferocious attacks. 

The spell caster caused some arcane tentacles to sprout from the floor and restrained Ivanna, Bltsu cut down a Drider, purple ichor covered his dragon-tamer sword and he moved to cover his fallen friend Roland. Malus (now back in his natural form) started throwing back lightning of his own breaking the Drow casters concentration, causing him to become visible.

The Drow did heavy damage to Ivanna with poison arrows and attack's while Gilius in a rare display of his powers unleashed a furious Ice-Storm. Astrea cut down several Drow with long bow and chain whip. 

In the center of what was once an ancient temple The remaining Drow pressed home there attack The Drow mage unleashed a furious cone of cold heavily damaging Ivanna, Mallus and Gil and killing the second Drider! while an Elite Drow warrior dueled with Bltsu still protecting his unconscious comrade. 

Emerging from the shadows after waiting for just the right moment Cornelius emerged to strike down the Drow mage with his sneak attacks, This freed Ivanna from the Tentacles. Gilius healed Roland with his divine magic and seeing their mage slain the rest of the Drow turned tail and fled.





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