The Afflicted

Episode 16

Battle Royal

The Iron Golem punched its way through a wall of the keep and a desperate battle began

Everyone in the party (Including a returning Cornelius!) started to hit the construct with everything but the kitchen sink to seemingly minor effect

Bltsu who had charged forward towards the second tower he was surrounded by  a score of Terragar bodies witnessed a second Iron Golem emerge from an Arcane Gate near him and immediately went into action his Titan blade clanging against the giant robotic hull and Cimbel emerged from the portal also looking for revenge.

2 squads of Terragar also emerged from trap doors to reinforce.

Malus (t-rex) charged the Iron Golem and bit it.

On return the Golem punched and head-butted the Dinosaur causing Malus to loose concentration!

Jack unleashed a lightning bolt doing impressive damage

Ivanna went into a Frenzied Rage and started smashing it with her axe.

Maisey attempted to contribute with her crossbow

Larry did multiple hits and stunned the golem.

Cornelius sneak attacked

Bltsu damaged the Golem slightly and then got banished by Cimbel.

Astrea finished off the guards atop the tower with bow fire.

Gil healing worded and cast a shatter on the Golem.

Malus moved back to Jacks position (No reactions from the Golem thanks to Larry) and healed himself.

The Golem ignoring the rest of the party wailing on him moved to Jack and Malus locale and unleashed a Poison Spray doing LOTS of damage to the druid and boy wizard Malus would have been incapacitated if not for his Relentless ability and Jack managed to absorb most of the damage but was looking HURT. Things were looking grim for out team.

Shey-lar in desperation and angered, Shape shifted into a very large humanoid Were-bear and jumped onto the back of the vile construct and began to viciously bite and claw the metallic monster.

After a couple more turns of carnage and stressed out players Larry acrobatically leapt up and punched the head off the first Iron Golem!

Maisey after several turns of missing with crossbow spied a opportune target standing in the open and fired at Cimbel who had been wrecking havoc upon the party with her spells. She hit and wounded and this broke her concentration bringing Bltsu back from his imprisonment to cheers from the team (and players!) 

Malus took a death save as this part of the party decided how to assault. Ivanna charged up the left side towards the remnants of a squad Shey-lar, Larry and Astrea vaulted over the middle moat, Shey-lar took some damage to bear form as she fell in the acid (ouch!) Cornelius snuck up the left and attacked Cimbel before sneaking away after she hellish rebuked him and a couple of eldritch blasts. Malus held back after being healed by Gil and Jack readied his spells. Maisey advanced cautiously and prepared to help out where needed with healing or inspiration.

Bltsu redoubled his assault on the second Golem he  was mostly on his own the Hundred man slayer wasn't going down without a fight (he reckless attacked with his great weapon master feat using his titan weapon) he did some impressive damage before Cimbel (now heavily wounded) plane-shifted him into another dimension (more of that another time)

In retaliation Astrea went into full Legolass mode with her action surge and pumped arrow after arrow after arrow into the Warlock Princess pining her to the castle wall in the process.

After this the team managed to finish off the rest of the guards and the Iron Golem. Gilius Thundercloud sent it to its knees with a Sacred Flame melting the construct

Astrea looted Cimbel's corpse and found a Bag of Holding!

"She had one job, one job!" – Maisey


EDIT- I forgot the part where Jack cast fireball on the Golem and actually healed it!





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