Astrea (Compromised)

Human, Fighter


A former member of the mysterious female only fighting order known only as “The Maidens”
Astrea absconded from them a long time ago and decided to hit the road and break out for herself. Making a name for herself as a criminal, bounty hunter and “artist”, Astrea also looted old temples, mines and secret hideouts as a way too make money for herself.

She made a her way too Neo-krag and found employ in the local criminal guild as an enforcer and dept collector. She made her way into the mines below Neo-krag with the rest of the Tormites under the guise of making a quick buck. She intends to map out the Underdark and then sell the information to the highest bidder and/ or return there later for exploit for looting. If it is a profitable endeavor that is.

Very reserved and afraid of human contact she has been a helpful ally to the Tormites and she has found them handy, for now…

In battle Astrea fights with paired chain-whips (a variant of the Urumi) called Asteraxi and the long bow. She is a cunning warrior and is known for her cleaver maneuvers and tricks, many have underestimated her abilities and payed dearly for it.

Astrea (Compromised)

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